Grammarly Introduces AI Writing Tool

Get Ready to Say Hello to GrammarlyGO!

Grammarly, the popular spelling and grammar checker, recently announced a new AI-powered tool for writing and editing called GrammarlyGO. With the new tool, users can draft emails and documents, edit writing for tone, clarity, and length, and generate ideas for projects. GrammarlyGO uses the same ChatGPT artificial intelligence model as other AI-driven tools, leveraging personal, organizational, and situational context to tailor suggestions and improve communication.

Source: Grammarly

GrammarlyGO is an exciting addition to Grammarly's existing suite of tools and services, which are integrated into popular apps and web browsers like Microsoft Word, Slack, Gmail, and Chrome. What's more, GrammarlyGO is available on the free version in select markets, meaning that it can be used by practically anyone with access to those apps and browsers.

GrammarlyGO is the latest in a new wave of AI-powered tools that have been released in recent months. OpenAI launched an API for third-party developers in November, and since then, Snapchat, Instacart, Slack, and now Grammarly have all announced features that use ChatGPT in some way.

For individual users, GrammarlyGO is automatically activated, but can be toggled off in settings. Starting in April, GrammarlyGO will start rolling out in beta. This will give users the chance to test out the new tool and see how it has improved their writing and editing experience.

Source: Grammarly

Overall, GrammarlyGO is an exciting new development for anyone looking to improve their communication skills. With the help of AI-driven technology, users can now easily craft effective emails and documents, and be sure that what they’re writing is up to par.

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