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12VHPWR 90 Degree Angled Adapter – Variant B

12VHPWR 90 Degree Angled Adapter – Variant B

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Achieve cable management nirvana with the CableMod 12VHPWR 90 Degree Angled Adapter. This low-profile adapter plugs into your graphic card's 16-pin 12VHPWR port and enables the power cable to be plugged in at a 90-degree angle. This adapter features a reinforced PCB design and a sleek profile, which helps increase the clearance between the GPU and the side panel - perfect for today's super wide GPUs.

Slim Profile

The 12VHPWR 90 Degree Angled Adapter only protrudes 21mm from your graphics card, increasing space and more clearance between your GPU and your side panel. This enables the installation of super-wide cards in a more narrow chassis.

Zero Bending

Unlike 90-degree cable connectors, our angled adapters utilize a reinforced PCB design to achieve an angled connection. No wire bending ensures full contact with all cable terminals and zero risk of thermal issues through excessive wire and terminal stress from tight bending radii.

Multi-Layered Cooling Solution

To ensure peak performance, our angled adapters use a 2oz copper PCB with applied copper foil to aid heat dissipation. Combined with a thermal pad and a quality aluminium shell, this multi-layered design helps keep things cool, even under continuous loads.

Two Variants

The CableMod 12VHPWR 90 Degree Angled Adapter comes in two variants, ensuring a solution for graphics cards no matter their 12VHPWR power port orientation. A 180 Degree Angled Adapter, which routes the cable above the graphics card, is also available for those with extra tight space requirements.

Awesome Styling

No matter which variant you choose, this 12VHPWR 90 Degree Angled Adapter looks great with its sleek styling and unobtrusive design.

NOTE: Please refer to product dimensions as well as the chosen variant to ensure compatibility with your graphics card before purchasing.

Compatible with:

  • ASUS Strix 4070 Ti (backplate side)
  • ASUS Strix 4080 (backplate side)
  • ASUS Strix 4090 (backplate side)
  • ASUS TUF 4070 Ti (backplate side)
  • ASUS TUF 4080 (backplate side)
  • ASUS TUF 4090 (backplate side)
  • EK Quantum Vector2 RTX 4090 FE (without active backplate) (cooler side)
  • EK Quantum Vector2 Strix/TUF RTX 4090 (backplate side)
  • Gainward 4070 Ti Phantom (cooler side)
  • Gainward 4080 Phantom (cooler side)
  • Gainward 4090 Phantom (cooler side)
  • GALAX 4090 SG 1-Click OC (cooler side)
  • GIGABYTE 4090 AERO OC (cooler side)
  • GIGABYTE 4090 Gaming OC (cooler side)
  • GIGABYTE RTX 4080 Aero OC (cooler side)
  • Inno3D 4090 X3 OC3 (cooler side)
  • Inno3D ICHILL FROSTBITE GDDR6X WK (cooler side)
  • MSI 4070 Ti VENTUS 3X OC (cooler side)
  • MSI 4080 VENTUS 3X OC (cooler side)
  • MSI 4090 VENTUS 3X OC (cooler side)
  • NVIDIA 3090 Ti FE (cooler side)
  • NVIDIA 4080 FE (cooler side)
  • NVIDIA 4090 FE (cooler side)
  • Palit 4070 Ti GameRock Midnight Kaleidoscope (cooler side)
  • Palit 4090 GameRock OC (cooler side)
  • PNY 4080 OC XLR8 Gaming Verto EPIC-X RGB TF (cooler side)
  • PNY 4090 OC XLR8 Gaming Verto EPIC-X RGB TF (cooler side)
  • PNY 4090 TF Verto Edition (cooler side)
  • ZOTAC 4070 Ti Trinity OC (cooler side)

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