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Every day is a new adventure with iOS 17, which brings a wealth of innovative features designed to enrich your everyday experiences. From redefined messaging to enhanced FaceTime, Siri, and location sharing capabilities, your iPhone is now more intuitive, interactive, and fun than ever before. Let's explore the exciting new features iOS 17 has to offer.

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Let's first check out MKBHD's top 5 features!

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  • Messages: Features include unified access to all iMessage apps, automatic notifications to friends upon arrival at your destination, easy reply with swipes, improved search filters, location sharing, audio message transcriptions, and centralized access to all stickers.
  • FaceTime: Upgrades include the ability to leave audio or video messages, react with hand gestures, and use the iPhone as a camera with Apple TV.
  • StandBy: A new full-screen mode is designed to enhance the utility of your iPhone while it's charging, including Live Activities in full screen, Siri visual results, and actionable widgets.
  • AirDrop: Introduces NameDrop for sharing contact details, continues transfers over the internet, and initiates SharePlay by bringing two iPhone devices close together.
  • Journal: A new app, arriving later this year, will allow for personal memory preservation and uses machine learning to provide journaling suggestions.
  • Keyboard: Improved autocorrect and inline predictions are designed for more accurate typing.
  • Safari and Passwords: Updates include profile creation for separate browsing contexts, faster search, enhanced private browsing, and autofill for verification codes.
  • Music: New features allow users to play music together and collaborate on playlists.
  • AirPlay: Will offer smart device suggestions and will be available in supporting hotel rooms later this year.
  • AirPods: Adaptive Audio aims to enhance the listening experience. Updates also make switching between Apple devices faster and more reliable.
  • Maps: Allows for offline map use.
  • Siri: Users can now make back-to-back requests.
  • Spotlight: Top Hit now provides app shortcuts.
  • Visual Look Up: Allows users to discover more information from photos and videos.
  • Health App: New mental and vision health features aim to provide meaningful insights.
  • Privacy and Security: Communication Safety includes protections for sensitive media. Other updates include sensitive content warnings and improved permission controls.
  • Lockdown Mode: Increases security against sophisticated cyber attacks.
  • Additional updates include new features for accessibility, Memoji, Reminders, Notes, Fitness, Find My, Home, News, Photos, and more.

If that's not engough, what's the Top 10?

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iOS 17 introduces a host of new features aimed at improving daily usability and user interaction:

New Dimensions in Messaging

Your iMessage has undergone a major transformation in iOS 17. Access all your iMessage apps, from photos and audio messages to your location, all in one place with the tap of the plus button. Safety features like 'Check In' will automatically notify a friend or family member upon your arrival at your destination, providing peace of mind for both parties.

The new 'catch-up arrow' and swipe-to-reply feature facilitate seamless conversations by allowing you to jump to unread messages and reply with a quick swipe, respectively. Finding a specific message has never been easier with the new search filters.

What's more, your iMessage now provides transcriptions for audio messages, allowing you to read them instantly or listen at your convenience. Even your stickers, whether they're Live Stickers, emojis, Memoji, or others, now have their own dedicated drawer.

Experience Enhanced FaceTime

Missed a FaceTime call? Now you can record an audio or video message for the person who missed your call. Spice up your conversations with fun 3D augmented reality effects, or start a FaceTime call directly from your Apple TV. Your iPhone can be used as a camera, providing a unique FaceTime experience on a bigger screen.

StandBy: A Full-Screen Experience

When your iPhone is charging, you can now turn it sideways to activate the new full-screen StandBy experience. This feature enables you to view Live Activities such as game scores or food delivery progress in real-time. Siri also takes StandBy to the next level, offering rich visual results viewable from a distance for hands-free convenience.

AirDrop & Sharing Like Never Before

iOS 17 introduces NameDrop, a new feature that allows you to swap numbers simply by holding your iPhone near someone else's device. You can also initiate a SharePlay session by bringing two iPhone devices close together.

Discover the Journal App

Arriving later this year, the Journal app will introduce an all-new way to record and appreciate life’s moments. Personalized journalling suggestions based on your photos, music, workouts and more, using on-device machine learning, will help you preserve your memories in a whole new way.

Keyboard Improvements & Safari Enhancements

Autocorrect has never been better. The feature now underlines corrected words temporarily so you can see what's been changed. The Search in Safari is also more responsive, offering easier-to-read and more relevant suggestions.

A Symphony of Sound with AirPods & Music

iOS 17 also introduces new features for AirPods and Music. With Adaptive Audio for AirPods Pro, you can experience a dynamic blend of Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation tailored to your surroundings. SharePlay also enhances the car music experience by allowing backseat passengers to control the music.

Maps & Siri: More Intuitive Than Ever

Offline maps, back-to-back Siri requests, app shortcuts in the spotlight, and enriched search results make navigation and interaction with your device easier than ever.

Health App, Privacy & Security Updates

New mental health and vision features provide powerful insights into your health. Plus, with expanded Lockdown Mode and Communication Safety, your privacy and security are taken to the next level.

More Delights to Explore

iOS 17 offers a host of other updates ranging from enhanced Memoji stickers to automatic grocery list sorting in Reminders, workout scheduling in Fitness+, shared AirTags in Find My, and more.

Experience the extraordinary every day with iOS 17, and make your iPhone truly your own. Enjoy a user-friendly interface that blends fun and function to bring a whole new world of possibilities to your fingertips. The future of iOS is here, and it's more exciting than ever.

Is it worth switching to an iPhone? Let's check it out!

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