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Source: WWDC 2023 — June 5 | Apple

Dream it. Chase it. Code it. The tagline kickstarted the WWDC23 event.


In the keynote, Tim Cook announced a larger 15.3" MacBook Air and Mac Studio and Mac Pro upgrades with M2 chips.

But .... there is a jaw-dropping new tech revealed towards the end of the event.

So let's buckle up and dive into the basics around the software updates.


iOS 17 is packed with some functional upgrades for the day-to-day apps for communications.

Phone app with Personalised contact posters featuring beautiful treatments with photos and emojis for a rich visual identity. Live Voicemail transcription powered by the neural engine. FaceTime with Recorded messages, Messages with Search filters, Catch-up arrow, Swipe to reply, Inline location, Check In, fun Stickers, and AirDrop with NameDrop features are helpful upgrades.

Later this year, the Journal app and the StandBy mode will be neat and valuable.


iPadOS 17 is coming up with interactive widgets, a new lock screen experience, and Health apps; the PDF updates powered by AI are pretty handy.


The new macOS Sonoma brings Widgets to the desktop screen, Metal 3 with Metal effects upscaling upgrades with Game mode prioritising games on CPU and GPU while gaming and Game Portiing Toolkit for developers to port games from other platforms. The new Video conferencing upgrades are a fun addon to Facetime, Zoom, Teams, WebEx and more. Safari battling the privacy war is still on, and web apps are bringing the old iOS-style bookmark to macOS.

Audio & Home

AirPods take personal audio to the next level with Adaptive Audio. AirPlay is coming to hotels. tvOS and CarPlay are getting a facelift.


watchOS 10 is adding some minor design tweaks. Snoopy and Woodstock is a fun addition to the watch face. Apple Watch is adding some great features to Cycling and Hiking. Maps getting elevated with topographical maps. The Workout API unlocks some powerful features for Golf and Tennis app developers giving access to rapid change in direction, acceleration information and high-frequency motion data. For example, Golfshort can detect small wrist movements to refine the Golf swings, and the SwingVision can analyse the pronation rate. watchOS is also adding features to keep mental and visual health in check.

The big and classical One more thing... announced this year coming next year.

Apple Vision Pro

Source: Introducing Apple Vision Pro

An early-stage announcement of Apple Vision Pro introducing spatial computing to early adopters and tech enthusiasts. Powered by M2, new R1 chips, a new visionOS designed from the ground up and Optic ID, there is plenty to learn about this new tech. I would encourage you to go and see it in action at Introducing Apple Vision Pro: Apple’s first spatial computer. or watch the last 45 mins of the Keynote above.

I am sure you will be entertained by Disney, Marvel, and superheroes discussing space-time reality and endless possibilities.

Also, here is a great review and recap by MKBHD on this tech.

Source: Apple Vision Pro Impressions!


Apple takes the credit for putting incredible tech at our fingertips. They introduced mobile computing that brought the world to a distance of our arm's length. With the Apple Vision Pro, that distance will now be reduced to about half an inch from our eyeball. Use all this tech cautiously, and don't lose your health with these innovations. Stay safe and make wise tech choices.

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