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100W Power Supply — UISP Accessory

100W Power Supply — UISP Accessory

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Supported Voltage Range: 38 to 54V DC or 100-240 V AC with 24V DC output, perfect for varied Australian power requirements.

  • AC to DC Conversion: Adaptable from 100–240V AC input, ideal for Australian mains electricity
  • DC to DC Transformation: 38–54V DC input, versatile for direct current sources
  • Fully Compatible with UFiber OLT and EdgeRouter Infinity, ensuring seamless integration for Australian users

Discover the reliability and efficiency of the Ubiquiti 100W Power Supply, specifically designed to meet the diverse electrical standards in Australia. Whether you're powering UFiber OLT or EdgeRouter Infinity, this power supply ensures optimal performance and compatibility.

Power Type AC/DC
Input Voltage Range 90-264VAC
Output Voltage Range 24-26VDC
Operating Temp. -10 to 45° C (14 to 104° F)
Operating Humidity -10 to 45° C (14 to 104° F)
Power Type DC/DC
Input Voltage Range 38-54VDC
Output Voltage Range 23-25V
Operating Temp. -10 to 50° C (14 to 122° F)
Operating Humidity -10 to 45° C (14 to 104° F)

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