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Protect All-In-One Sensor — UniFi Camera Security

Protect All-In-One Sensor — UniFi Camera Security

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Discover our innovative, battery-operated smart sensor, expertly designed to monitor motion, lighting, and environmental alterations. Its advanced features make it ideal for a range of applications, ensuring top-notch security and environmental monitoring.

  • Efficient motion detection within a 5-metre radius
  • Precise monitoring of temperature and humidity levels
  • Advanced ambient light sensing for optimal lighting conditions
  • Integrated alarm sound detection, adhering to UL217 and UL2034 standards1
  • Reliable door and window state sensing for enhanced security
  • Long-lasting battery life, up to one year
  • Seamless connectivity with UniFi Bluetooth-enabled access points2


  • 1 Alarm sound detection is based on the recognised patterns outlined in UL217 and UL2034.
  • 2 Connection requires an up-to-date, Bluetooth-supported UniFi Access Point.

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